DSC_8639Paula is a yoga teacher, choreographer (live and for the screen), & lover of delicious (+ nutritious) food. Paula co-founded Yoginimelbourne to share her love and ideas on yoga, mindfulness, wellbeing, and motherhood. You can access the free growing online library of yoga and lifestyle tools and tips right here on the website or go to Yoginimelbourne to join the Youtube community. Yoginimelbourne creates free original content for broad audiences of all ages and abilities. Paula is interested in helping you develop life long tools that will connect you to your body and mind, make more space in your life, and learn about the beautiful qualities of compassion and self-acceptance. Paula loves the mantra that ‘less is more’ – the art of learning how to strip away anything that is not necessary in our lives to make it richer and more fulfilling in a true and authentic way.



A note from Paula 

coffee with yoga class planning
coffee with yoga class planning

Thanks for coming to visit the website! My name is Paula Lay and I am from Melbourne, Australia. For those of you who haven’t been to Melbourne, it is a diverse and dynamic city, full of great food, art and wonderful art-making, but most importantly – we take coffee making (and drinking!) very seriously…..if you ever want to have a philosophical conversation about the transformational powers of coffee, Melbourne is the place to do it.


DSC_6334-3I adore the beach, sea salt and lazy afternoons where I can nap, snack and daydream! But those lazy afternoons are a distant memory at the moment, as I have recently become a mum to a beautiful little girl, Mina. She really is just delicious and I am enjoying the extraordinary beauty and challenges that motherhood brings.

I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years, first being introduced to the practice whilst I was studying theatre. I have been working with and studying the body through yoga and my dance practice ever since – it is such a gift that

we are here experiencing the world, and yoga just opens us up more and paschimottanasana-croppedmore to this incredible opportunity. I love the simplicity but at the same time challenging practice of bringing our awareness back to the present moment through connecting the breathe with body – its that simple and difficult at the same time!

I believe that yoga is a wonderful life tool that should be available to anyone who wants to practice – and the beauty of developing a home practice is that you can do it, anytime and anywhere.

I have studied many various forms of yoga, from Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa

10,000 small deaths - Dance Massive 2015 Paula Lay
10,000 small deaths – Dance Massive 2015 Paula Lay

Flow, Prenatal and Yin. I really love being able to draw from this vast repertoire and tailoring practices that range from being powerful and dynamic, to that which is gentle and restorative. Such a large part of a yoga practice is learning to trust and listen to what you need – what you need today could be completely different tomorrow. I love that the practice of yoga can change with me, and can truly be a lifelong practice.

At the heart of yoga is awakening. An awakening to who you already are, at your most deepest level (it just helps you see that). So whether you are just beginning (or even just thinking about beginning!) or a seasoned practitioner, trust in your own journey. Yoga isn’t about bending yourself inside out, it’s about connecting to your true nature. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will continue to join me on your journey.

sunrise Paula Lay Yoga