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Prenatal Vinyasa Flow for 1st and 2nd Trimester – 35min

This is a gorgeous flowing sequence that begins with a warm-up that includes breath work. We will move through a series of modified sun salutations with variations being offered along the way depending on your level and how you are feeling. We will shift to seated poses that will open the hips such as malasana (garland), and baddha konasana (butterfly). This is a practice that will get your whole body moving, connect you with your breathing, and gently strengthen and prepare your body for the rest of your pregnancy and birth.

This class is meant for women in their 1st and 2nd trimester who are experiencing an active and healthy pregnancy. It is suitable for all levels of experience as safe modifications are offered, so please stay with the modification that feels suited to your ability. This is NOT recommended for women who are experiencing any complications in their pregnancy. Always check with your doctor or prenatal care provider before beginning any exercise program.

Level: 1st & 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy
Props: Block & cushion or bolster can be useful

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15min Neck, shoulder and upper back yoga sequence

This is a beautiful short practice that will release tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back & will help you feel more ease and spaciousness in your body and mind. It is a fully accessible practice, suitable for absolute beginners, right through to the advanced practitioner. It can be done seated on the floor, or in a chair – perfect for a quick break in your office chair to release any tension built up working on your computer.